With 360 video exploding into video creation, it is a great idea to give it a go. But what if you already have a camera such as a GoPro(R) and as its an unknown commodity at present, do you really want to spend on a new specifically developed, sole use  360 degree video capture such as the Ricoh theta, the 360 fly or the bubblcam.

You already have a GoPro(R).. You already capture your adventures….so why not use your GoPro(R) to capture 360 degree video.

Well you can, simply place your GoPro(R) into the actioncam360 housing and press record. Yes,it really is that simple.

The techy bit!

The actioncam360 has been initially developed for use with the GoPro(R) range of action cameras. It patent pending mirror technology and a secondary lens system to enable your GoPro(R) to record the reflected images from the mirror.

This results in a doughnut shaped video, which our software then unwraps into a flat rectangular video in various formats which you can then share via various channels such as YouTube and Facebook.

The possibilities are endless! especially as the unit can use all existing GoPro mounting systems.

Mount it under a drone (weight of unit without GoPro approx 300g)

Helmet mount and go wandering (dimensions: 11.5cm tall x 7cm wide)

Mount it on handlebars, attach to paddle boards, or simply take endless videos of cats in 360 degrees.

The field of view is a full 360 degrees vertical by 90 degrees horizontal.


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